Wasted Words

After a long break from experimenting with new lace techniques, (when I had my daughters) I am now loving the chance to try out lots of new ideas that I’ve scribbled in sketchbooks. One that I am currently developing, is writing in Eternal Lace. This involves trial and error, but is very exciting when it works! I am  planning a written garment. As all Eternal Lace, these words are created solely from waste plastic bags, and secret techniques. 


Eternal Lace Wedding Dress

I’m very excited to have my Eternal Lace Wedding Dress, in the show ‘Seams’ next week. This exhibition is the work of collective Sweet’ Art. The show itself explores art inspired by fashion, and fashion inspired by art. This seemed the perfect place to exhibit my work, and it’s on during London Fashion week, providing an alternative view of the fashion and art industries. About 67 artists are represented, and it will be well worth visiting!

Have a look at the exhibitor list here http://www.wearesweetart.com/SEAMS

Seams 13th-17th September 2014, Hoxton Arches 420, Cremer St., London E2 8HD